Private Equity

Suitable investments are harder to find. We fish for pearls to achieve the optimal ‚gear wheel‘ effect.

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Value increase and performance optimization require the right partner – it’s a truffle-hunting business that H&Z knows well

While market liquidity has clearly increased in recent years, the pool of possible investment targets has been stagnating. This has resulted in tough competition to find attractive candidates for takeover, leading in turn to high prices and acquisition multiples. 


A “normal” return seems a distant thing. So it now appears that traditional growth strategies are no longer enough to sustainably increase profits. Private equity firms are now having to penetrate much deeper into the organizational structure of their investments and optimize their business performance. It’s also becoming essential to develop new methods for increasing value. 


h&z Management Consulting has a wealth of experience in the field of private equity. In particular, we have the industry expertise needed to activate the right levers. This is the only way to increase revenue and to take into consideration the often-neglected cost side as well.

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Procurement Consultancy for Private Equity

Valuation is more than EBITDA. Procurement is more than cost savings.

The purpose of Private Equity is value creation in portfolio companies.   

The purpose of Procurement is value creation “on the dark side of the moon” of companies.  

Half of all business value originates in the external part of your value chain. You cannot afford to be blind on that eye.  

We know a better way of doing procurement.  

Procurement with a purpose.


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Transaction phase

A carefully conducted risk check, or due diligence, for all classical industries including automotive, aviation, telecommunications plant construction, and mechanical engineering is essential for a successful private equity transaction. 

Our goal is to already identify cost reduction potentials during this phase, which in turn will lead to value increases resulting in higher margins. This significantly improves the leeway for investors during the bidding process. We have a very solid track record in this and we’ll work together with you to optimize the chances of a successful acquisition that will benefit your business. We use various levers to evaluate the business plan along with the strategy so we can assess the target company’s likelihood of success, which we’ll then streamline with the investment hypothesis of the investor.

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A secure and well-founded approach will lead to a smooth succession after an acquisition. 

We therefore support the complete acquisition phase both strategically and operationally. For the portfolio companies, H&Z develops and integrates short and mid-term programs with a focus on recognizing and utilizing cost reduction and value-increasing potentials. To that end, we’ve developed a 100-day program for the strategic and cooperative setup of measures used to hone in on the identified potentials. To do this, we conduct management workshops and establish a project management set up. The first ‘quick win’ initiatives will emerge during this timeframe. Our approach is characterized by a focus on implementation that’s evidenced by our award as a Hidden Champion for Business Excellence.

Procurement Transformation

Step by step towards a successful exit

You can optimize the financial goals of your company by using a good exit strategy. 

Our joint venture with Transaction Engineers has a remarkable track record of successful company sales. From the right point in time to the right buyer, we support you every step of the way during your exit strategy.

Our Expert for Private Equity

Markus Contzen

Markus Contzen