Our Core Expertise: Strategy & Performance, Procurement, Sustainability & Transformation

We are specialists in strategy & performance, procurement, transformation, and sustainability

We deliver more than successful strategy. We partner with our clients to make it happen. We work with the world’s leading companies, creating change, improving performance, and driving sustainable growth. Our experts design, manage and accompany the entire transformation journey, all with measurable results. 

We would be delighted to discuss your current challenges and how we can help you achieve your objectives.

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Harald Enz

Expert for Procurement

We help you rethink procurement, through Value Creation, Cost Out, Digitization and Sustainability. It’s in our DNA.

Harald Enz - Experte für Einkaufsthemen bei H&Z

Stefan Aichbauer

Expert for Sustainability

We help you see Sustainability as Opportunity, embedding in your DNA and supporting every step of the journey, from ambition to measurement.


Michael Santo

Expert for Strategy & Performance

We help you synchronise strategy with performance, through Growth, M&A, Operations and Digitization.

Michael Santo - Experte für Strategie & Performance bei H&Z

Christiane Novy

Expert for Transformation

We help you engage the future through transformation, sharpening Purpose, Organisation, Cultural Change, Agility and Learning.

Christiane Novy - Experte für Transformation bei H&Z