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Harald Enz

Expert for Procurement

We rethink procurement, through Value Creation, Cost Out, Digitization and Sustainability. It’s in our DNA.

Harald Enz - Experte für Einkaufsthemen bei H&Z

Stefan Aichbauer


We see Sustainability as Opportunity, embedding in your DNA and supporting every step of the journey, from ambition to measurement.


Michael Santo

Strategy & Performance

We synchronise strategy with performance, through Growth, M&A, Operations and Digitization.

Michael Santo - Experte für Strategie & Performance bei H&Z

Christiane Novy


We engage the future through transformation, sharpening Purpose, Organisation, Cultural Change, Agility and Learning

Christiane Novy - Experte für Transformation bei H&Z

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H&Z HR Team für Kontakt & Karriere

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Compliance at H&Z

A crucial factor for the success of H&Z is achieving a positive perception among our customers, business partners, and the public. This requires us to act responsibly and with integrity. Only by strictly adhering to high ethical and legal standards can we build trust and preserve the esteemed reputation of H&Z. H&Z's whistleblower system is responsible for receiving reports regarding specific or potential legal violations by employees.